Behind The Toki Tee

Craftmanship and quality are key elements behind everything we make here at Timothy Everest, from a Bespoke suit through to our tees. Provenance and detail are all carefully considered to ensure we are providing the best product for you.

You may think a tee is something fairly bog-standard, but all of ours have a little something distinctively different. For example, there’s our ever-popular Cotton/Cashmere blend tees (shop Knitwear here), which are a super soft, breathable, lightweight and a great bridge of smart-casual. But what we’re here to talk about right now is our new style, our Toki Tee. Crafted in Japan from Japanese cloth there is more to these tee than meets the eye.

The cotton yarn used to knit these tees is called ‘Garabou’ and is spun on a ‘Gara’ machine. What does this mean, exactly? It starts with a bit of onomatopia; the sound the spinning machine makes is ‘gara gara’; ‘Bou’ simply means ‘spinning’ or ‘yarn’. Put them together and you’ve got ‘garabou’.

‘Gara’ spinning machines were invented in Japan in 1876. The yarn is spun slowly using gravity; this means a lot of air is incorporated into the yarn, which ensures it maintains the soft texture of the original cotton. Unlike yarns made on modern spinning machines, ‘garabou’ yarns are characterised by their distinctive irregularity in thickness. This gives the knitted product a very unique texture.

Below is a video which takes you behind the scenes of the ‘garabou’ yarn being produced, from cotton plant to finished yarn ready to be knitted.

Our Toki Tees (£79) have a slim but relaxed fit, with left breast pocket and come in three colour options; Ombre Blue, Grey Marl and Dusty Olive. All are available online, and in-store at Redchurch Street.

Grey Marl Toki Tee, £79

Dusty Olive Toki Tee, £79

Ombre Blue Toki Tee, £79