18th November 2018

Beyond Suiting – Tailored Suede

The Wonderful World Of Timothy Everest Bespoke:

The tailoring team here at Timothy Everest enjoy a challenge. We pride ourselves on our ability to give every custom order the care and attention it deserves and deliver the client a garment both unique and truly special. From time to time, our expertise is called on for some rather fascinating garments that go beyond the ordinary scope of tailor made suiting. To that end, a couple of long-standing customers recently requested that we turn our hands to making bespoke suede jackets.

For these pieces, we opted to use goat suede. An incredibly soft, pliable pelt, while thin enough to be cut and sewn in the same manner as wool or cotton, goat is remarkably tough and hardwearing. The resulting Safari and Bomber jackets pictured here required our cutters’ ingenuity not only in making new patterns, but also in selecting the highest quality leather to perfectly fit each panel for consistency. Each of the jackets took over 20 hides at the cutting stage to ensure a flawless look and feel.

Then it was over to our coatmaker who tackled the painstaking process of sewing each panel and assembling the garments by hand. In the end, working with such a different format meant utilising new tools, taking their workmanship to a new level. The process took over three times as long to complete compared to a coat made in a more traditional tweed or flannel.

The end results speak for themselves. The long line Safari jacket features four bellows pockets and a double D-ring belt while the short Trucker-style Bomber jacket offers a luxury take on the classic workwear shape with two flap pockets at the chest and warmer pockets placed at the seam on the hips.

Please contact our bespoke team with all ideas both conventional and unconventional. We would love to help.

Tailored Suede