15th March 2020

Changing Landscapes | Spring / Summer 2020

For the new season’s ready-to-wear collection, we took inspiration from the world around us: in particular aerial landscapes, with an appreciation for the colours, patterns and textures created from the natural world.

The collection’s title, ‘Changing Landscapes’, comes from the ever-changing scenery we are surrounded by, which often goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. The work of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky gives us a glimpse into this hidden world, which along with documentaries like the BBC’s ‘Earth From Space’ allow us to see life on our planet from a new perspective.

The fabrics we have used follow this theme: mixed compositions of cotton, linen, silk and wool create unique textures in their weave, while lightweight cloths utilise freedom of motion. Lightened earthy tones and muted pastels, such as birch and cinnamon, are offset with unusual pop colours of melon and furnace red. We have leaned heavily into our bespoke expertise and knowledge of vintage clothing to elevate the overall feel of the collection into something purposeful, sophisticated and designed to last.

Alongside staples like our Cuban Shirts, Pleated Pant and Hoxton Blazer, you will find new pieces like our Japanese Jersey Polo Shirt, Work Jacket and Cargo Trouser.

Timothy Everest Changing Landscapes SS20
Timothy Everest Changing Landscapes SS20