15th April 2020

Wrighty’s selects

We are incredibly honoured to have ex-England International, Arsenal & Crystal Palace legend, and Timothy Everest customer Mr Ian Wright MBE give us the low down on his picks for his spring 2020 wardrobe.

Mr Wright is a very rare specimen indeed – a football pundit with a great sense of style. We always look forward to seeing him on our screens showing up the others with his wise words and sharp outfits.

Over to you Ian.

Timothy-Everest-Airforce Blue Linen Glen Check Windsor Jacket

I love linen, it’s my favourite material. I really like that this one is a little thicker which should keep the creasing to a minimum. I personally don’t have a problem with the look when it gets a little crushed, and i don’t think it would stand out so much on a dark cloth like this. For me it’s the perfect lightweight suit –  it can cross over from day wear into the evening very easily.

Sage Green Long Sleeved Linen Polo

I would absolutely twin this with the suit above – Ive always liked blue and green. People say “blue and green should not be seen”, but I absolutely love them together.

Sanders Lo-Top Snuff Suede Shoes

I would probably wear it with blue suede Sanders Hi Top Playboys or to break it up with another colour and make it more spring appropriate, I would go for the Sanders brown suede lo top – that is a good look for me.