Pop Over Shirts

Pop Overs are a key part of our Spring/Summer 2017 shirt offering. Relaxed and easy-to-wear, these are a great alternative to the more traditional button downs. They are a key menswear trend for the season, so much so that our good friend, Tom Stubbs, wrote a feature on them in the Financial Times How To Spend It published on 5th May which features our shirts. You can read his article here.

When tracing the origins of the popover, it is hard to pin-point a particular designer who made this item a wardrobe staple. However, it increased in popularity in the 1950s when it was adopted by the Jazz and beat nick revolution set. There’s a great photo of Miles Davies playing the trumpet (below) where he’s sporting a popover shirt which is pinned to our mood board for the season. The Ivy Leaguers of the time followed suit and the popover became a mainstay of their wardrobe which defined their iconic style which continues to this day.

The popover style was also favoured by Gianni Agnelli, the undisputed godfather of effortless chic. Who can forget the now infamous photo taken in 1962 of Agnelli with Jaqueline Kennedy in Ravello, southern Italy as they strolled along the Amalfi Coast side by side? The photo sparked rumours of romance and brought him to the fore of men’s fashion once again, perhaps in equal measure.

For Spring we recommend pairing one of our popovers with a pair of classic chinos or pleated trousers with a soft unstructured jacket layered over the top; as we transition into warmer weather they work really well with a pair of beautifully tailored shorts.

Mustard Ghost Check Pop Over Shirt, £150

Navy Ghost Check Pop Over Shirt, £150

Navy Stripe Pop Over Shirt, £165

Chambray Stripe Short Sleeve Pop Over Shirt, £150

Grey Short Sleeve Pop Over Shirt, £130

Navy Short Sleeve Pop Over Shirt, £130

White Short Sleeve Pop Over Shirt, £130