20th January 2017

Product Highlight: MoonStar Sneakers

We recently launched some new product online, including MoonStar sneakers; we are the exclusive stockist in the UK for this iconic yet underground Japanese brand. Our team is always on the look out for new products which you may not have heard of, or may not be able to get your hands on, each with its own unique heritage and quirk.

MoonStar have been making shoes in Kurume, Japan since 1873; so it’s safe to say they know their stuff. The brand originated as a producer of the ‘tabi’, which are traditional Japanese pieces of footwear which is like a split-toe sock with rubber sole. Over 135 years they have enhanced their craftsmanship and skills to continue as innovators in the field of footwear, without compromising their heritage.

We are now stocking a capsule collection of their classic sneakers in-store at Redchurch Street and online. We have 3 styles available, the Alweather, the Low Basket and the Deck Sport. You may spot on the website that some come with the letter C or V in the title. Below is a guide;

C: The upper of the shoe is made from Paravul coat canvas, a special coated material which increases the durability of the cloth and the bond with the rubber sole. The coating on the canvas creates an unique texture which get better with age. This coating also means your feet will stay dry when you encounter the inevitable downpour. The Alweather sneaker offers the best proection against the elements, with a wrap around rubber sole.

V: This means the upper is made from vulcanised cotton; the fabric has been coated with ‘mucilage’, which is usually used on the back of the cloth to prevent it from fraying and wrinkling. This vulcanisation process increases the durability of the cloth, and adds showerproof protection; it also means the cloth texture enhances with wear.

If you don’t see a letter in the name, the sneaker upper is made from 100% cotton canvas. So, although it may not offer your a waterproof guarantee they are still a sturdy and durable shoe, and the canvas will get softer with wear.








LOW BASKEDT C SNEAKER: Charcoal, Mustard and Beige




Deck Sport V Sneaker: White