Russet Brown Houndstooth Simplon Jacket

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This russet brown houndstooth Simplon Jacket is inspired by our bespoke creation for the 2017 adaptation of The Murder on the Orient Express.

The name is a tribute to the Simplon Orient Express, on which Agatha Christie’s timeless novel is set. Taking inspiration from the 1930s timeframe, the jacket follows the conventions of Gentlemen’s leisure jackets of the day, featuring a half Norfolk belted back and patch pockets with inverted pleats to allow for expansion with a higher front closure to help keep the elements out.

Made from a Loro Piana wool intended to have the look of tweed but with a softer handle. Made using the fibres from the specific “sopravvissana” breed of sheep found only in Italy’s Sybilline Mountains in Marche.

Wear it with Jeansknits and suede chukka’s.

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– Wool
– Russet Brown Houndstooth
– Single Breasted 4 Button, Roll 3
– Fully Lined
– Norfolk Jacket Style
– 3 Patch Pockets
– Single Vent
– 4 Button Working Cuff
– Swelled Edge Stitch

– Dry clean only