Blue Dobby Striped Cuban Collar Shirt




The dobby striped Cuban Shirt has a boxy, relaxed fit with iconic Cuban collar design, shown here in a blue and white striped cotton.

Dobby is a woven fabric produced on the dobby loom, characterised by small geometric patterns and extra texture in the cloth. Available this season in a mixed range of colours and textures and a natural companion to our roomier Pleated Pants.

The story goes that an enterprising seamstress in a village in rural Cuba sewed large pockets onto her husband’s work shirt for ease in carrying guava home from the field. By the late 19th Century, the short sleeved loose garment, always worn untucked, was donned all over South America, becoming de rigeur formal wear in hot climes. In Mexico, it is even known as the “Wedding Shirt”. Vacationing Hollywood stars and historical icons such as Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway helped popularise the humble ‘Cuban’, bringing it to international recognition.

– Cotton
– Blue
– Cuban collar
– Curved patch pen pocket
– Boxy fit
– Japanese cloth
– Made in Japan

– Machine washable

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