tailoring for spectre
2nd October 2015

Tailoring for Spectre

Following on from Skyfall, Timothy Everest, reprises the role as tailor to Ralph Fiennes’ character, “M”, adding two characters to his roster – villain Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) and henchman Mr Hinx (Dave Bautista).

Working closely with the 007 wardrobe team, the brief was to contemporarise M from heavy worsted wools and flannels to a more modern, medium weight Super 120’s worsted wool and baby cashmere coatings. The basis of the characters wardrobe is still predominantly classic, two-piece Prince of Wales with blue over check in a Super 120’s 11oz worsted wool, three-piece Navy pinstripe in a Super 120’s 11oz worsted wool, three-piece lightweight worsted flannel in Navy with a electric blue stripe, three-piece classic Super 120’s grey worsted wool and a baby cashmere town coat shaken and stirred with red selvedge Japanese denim jeans.

Being an ex-WWE wrestler, Bautista’s frame is rather large so the brief was to make the character appear as slick as the leading characters whilst allowing for full range of movement during action sequences. Two looks were created, both three-piece suits in a lightweight Capri wool in beige and midnight blue. Simple, elegant and powerful.

The atelier also tailored the iconic, velvet Nehru collar jacket for Bond’s nemesis, Oberhauser, played by Christophe Waltz, in bottle green, navy and black silk velvet.

Spectre released in the UK on 26 October 2015 on the same night as the world premiere in London, where both Fiennes and Bautista will be dressed by Timothy Everest for the red carpet. The film will then be released worldwide on 6 November.