The Orchard | Textures and layers for Autumn_1
23rd September 2018

The Orchard | Textures & layers for Autumn

In The Cherry Orchard, Paul Nash’s evocative painting of an English winter scene from 1917, the bare branches of fruit trees spring forth from the landscape. Neatly planted arboreal rows await the sunshine and warmth to bloom again. There’s comfort here despite the cold.

For our Autumn / Winter W18 look book, we explored the same evocative countryside setting. Despite the lack of foliage and flowers, nature is still working hard. Our colour palette reflects the depth and richness of the soil and sky, our layering of different cloths offering some respite from the elements.

From dappled Donegal to cardigan-like bouclé, waxy cottons to course Harris Tweed, the cooler seasons are all about texture and feel. Please explore the collection a little closer in-store or online now.


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The Orchard AutumnThe Orchard | Autumn