Made-to-Measure is the term used to describe a highly individualised garment that is hand-made to your specification.

The process involves an initial personal consultation with one of our tailors in order to discuss your needs and the desired style and trims of the garment you wish to commission. Unlike bespoke, where the cutter will draft your pattern from scratch, made-to-measure garments are adapted from existing blocks. At Timothy Everest our client’s detailed measurements are taken in order to personalise our house block to your exact needs and flatter your silhouette. Our signature style is indicated by a squarer shoulder line and neater armhole for comfort, fit and style; and higher notch lapels to visually enhance the impression of length through the jacket. With the assistance of our highly skilled tailors the client has the opportunity to customise details, style and cloth in order to represent their personal taste and cater to their individual needs.

Timothy Everest made-to-measure garments are hand assembled and hand finished at our factory to exacting standards. Although not as intensively crafted as a bespoke garment, made-to-measure garments offer clients a very happy medium between ready-to-wear and bespoke. The process offers our discerning customers the personalisation of style, cloth, detailing and fit without the drawback of compromise on off-the-peg stock.

Limited Edition Made-to-Measure Offer

We currently offering a limited edition cloth from Yorkshire mill Moxon has been woven exclusively for Timothy Everest Made-to-Measure, with our namely appearing on the selvedge, shown in the photos above. The mill specialises in worsted mohair, and this particularly beautiful kid mohair cloth comes in two colours – a dark charcoal and a navy – and its stripes are interwoven with a pattern of fine dots that combine with the subtle sheen of the mohair to very smart and arresting effect.

To celebrate this beautiful cloth and support British manufacturing, we're currently offering a strictly limited run of 10 MTM suits at a special rate of £900 (that's 10% off the normal price for this cloth). Call Julian and Eebz at Bruton Place on +44 (0)20 7629 6236 to make an appointment, and hurry, while stocks last (as they say), because a cloth this good, at this price, is going to bolt off our shelves.

Contact us to make an appointment.