30th August 2020

Food For Thought

Recipes From Oslo

Oslo is a city very close to our hearts here at Timothy Everest. We feel very fortunate to have found a client base in such an interesting city, giving us the opportunity to travel there for trunk shows and meet customers old and new.

While we await things to settling back to normal so we can get back out on our travels, we spoke to fellow Londoner, and friend of the brand, Nud Dudhia who has made his home in Norway’s capital. Nud is a man who knows a thing or two about food – he set up one of our favourite spots Breddo’s Tacos here in London before jetting off to new climes, opening a new outpost there in August. He gave us a great guide to eating and drinking out in Oslo, that we’re going to save until we can get back there. In the meantime he gave us a couple of recipes from some of the best Oslo based chefs.

Smoked eel, beef fat potato cake, pickled cherry
(Restaurant Hyde, Matthew North)
Potato cake
1kg maris piper potato
3 sprig thyme
1head garlic
100g rendered beef fat
50g butter
  • Preheat oven to 150degrees
  • Heat beef fat with butter, garlic, thyme to infuse
  • Mandolin potato thinly and layer in deep oven tray. Brushing each layer with beef fat mixture and season with salt and black pepper.
  • Cook for one hour until potatoes provide no resistance when pierced with a knife.
  • Press and cool overnight
  • Portion into rectangles 
At Hyde we use sustainable Eel from the Norwegian Marine Research centre.
  • Fillet smoked eel, removing bones and skin.
  • Portion to the same length as potato cake.
  • Puree sour pickled cherries with some of their pickling liquor, pass through a fine sieve. 
To assemble
  • Deep fry potato cake at 170c until golden brown, season.
  • Layer two slices of eel, then the cherry puree, covering the top generously with chives.
Grilled leeks with mussels and ramson
(Brutus, Arnar Jakob)
4 leeks
1kg mussels
100g qinoa
600g rapeseed oil
1/2L white wine
2pcs Fennel
5pcs onions
1bundle celery
1pcs garlic
500g butter
1 /2L cream

Leeks: grill whole until completely black and tender in the centre remove the burned bits and cut in 3cm pieces.

Leek oil: 500g of the top of the leek rinsed, 500g rapeseed oil mix together in a blender full power until dark green, Strain through a fine sieve.

Qinoa: 100g qinoa 100g oil for frying, deepfry on 180˚c for 2 minutes, strain and add salt.

Ramson capers: Pick the capers just as the flower heads begin to fall, revealing a caper sized seed head. Pick them soon after flowering, deseed them put in salt for 2 weeks rinse and put in jars with some of the salted liquid.

Mussel sauce: Rinse the mussels and pick out any open or broken ones. Steam the mussels on full steam for 3 minutes and keep all liquid. Pick the meat out, cut the vegetables in small cubes and put in a pot with the empty shells. Heat gently with some oil and once vegetables are soft add the wine. Simmer gently for 30mins, add 1L water and simmer again for 1 hour. Finally, add the mussel juice and simmer for 30mins. Strain through a sieve, add cream and butter simmer until it thickens.

Season and serve.