7th August 2020

Summer Sips with Deano Jo

Deano Jo has been instrumental in so many of our nights out in London over the past decade and a half, it’s impossible to remember them all. From hazy nights at Hoxton’s fabled Macbeth pub, to opening Dalston hotspot The Alibi at the tender age of 23, a club that laid a lot of the foundations of East London’s resurgence as the place to be.

Never one to rest on his laurels, he has been splitting his time between Five Miles, a club and brewery in Tottenham and Pamela’s; a neighbourhood bar in Haggerston, an all-too convenient spot on the walk home from our Redchurch Street store. Feeling rather wistful over missing their inventive and potent beverages, we press-ganged Deano into giving up the recipe for one of Pamela’s signature cocktails, the refreshingly evil Beetdown – a perfect summer sipper.

For those who still insist on having your drinks brought to you, fear not. Pamela’s is offering same day delivery  on a whole host of wines, beers and cocktails all over the capital.


To make the Beetroot Infused Gin:


  • 70cl bottle of good quality Gin
  • 4 freshly grated beetroots


> Put the grated beetroot in a jar with a large pinch of raw sugar

> Top with the Gin
> Allow to sit uncovered for 1-2 hours

> Strain liquid and discard the beetroot

To make the Beetdown:




  • 45ml Beetroot Gin
  • 30ml St. Germain liqueur
  • 10ml Lemon Juice
  • 10ml agave syrup
  • 20ml soda water


  • Lemon wedge


–  To make the lemon soda: Put the lemon juice, St. Germain, agave nectar and club soda in a glass and stir vigorously until well-incorporated (do this just before assembling the cocktail to maintain the carbonation)

 – Fill highball glass with ice and pour in the lemon soda

– Carefully add the Beetroot Gin over the top but don’t stir, leave it layered