Tailors Project
13th February 2019

Timothy Everest | Tailors’ Project

The measurements, the pattern, the cloth, the chalk, the scissors, the needle & thread. And hundreds of years of combined talent and toil.

Over the coming months, we will be taking you on an insider’s look at some of the unique characters who make up the unseen members of our team and provide the backbone to Timothy Everest bespoke tailoring.

These men and women keep us entertained with their tall tales, dexterity, ingenuity and insights into the changing face of Savile Row and London’s sartorial trade. Often from countries with their own fine tailoring heritage, many of them travelled here as teenagers to work for the grand houses of Mayfair, honing their skills and adding a little of their own magic to the style of London gentlemen.

We hope our images give their own words the gravitas that they and their craft deserve.