12th November 2022

The Ever Dependable

Shawl Collar Cardigan

A shawl collar cardigan is an essential ingredient to the Autumn/Winter wardrobe. A symbol of versatility between the smart and casual sides of the dress scale, its structure combines the look of tailoring (note the high shawl lapels atop its buttoned structure) with the feel of pure comfortable basics. Both factors of which come to life in our latest ready-to-wear designs.

Offered in three of this season’s most notable colours – steel grey, sand and berry – our shawl collar cardigans are crafted from a luxury merino wool: shaped into a ribbed stitch pattern for a good dose of insulation and fitted with two front pockets for an extra touch of cosiness. This latest upper layer of ours promises an elegant finish to pretty much any ensemble: whether worn at home or to the pub.

Much like any new seasonal style we propose, the significance of the shawl collar has been enhanced by a series of cinematic icons. So herewith, five of our favourites, each of whom executed the cardigan’s comfort and class to the max

Daniel Craig

As silver screen stars go, few are as timelessly stylish as James Bond. Specifically, in Daniel Craig’s saga, during which the actor made a perfect case for the shawl collar cardigan. Opting for a jet black ribbed style, the piece was partnered with enduring basics: starting with a V-neck white t-shirt and finishing with beige chino trousers. That’s a fail safe silhouette and colour palette for any season, if you ask us.

Paul Newman

To those who favour formality on a daily basis, Paul Newman can show you how to style up the shawl collar. Pictured here in a merino grey style (much like our current offering), the Hollywood star drew attention to his lapel fit through the base of a simple white oxford shirt. This was then centred with a grey knitted tie: smartly matching the shade of his finishing layer. All in all, a brilliant blend of dress codes to communicate pure nonchalance.

Jeff Bridges

The good thing about a shawl collar cardigan is that it accommodates any style scenario: from elegant excursions outside to relaxed days at home. Jeff Bridges (AKA “The Dude”) in The Big Lebowski is an excellent case for the latter; famously becoming a stay-at-home style icon thanks to this layer of choice. For those indoor winter days ahead, this is proof that the shawl can serve you well, particularly our sand design in reference to the actor.

John Hamm

Sure, Mad Men may be most concerned with revealing the social mores of the 1960s, but it also reveals a hefty dose of style lessons. Specifically, through main character Don Draper (played by John Hamm), whose off-duty style centres heavily on, drumroll: a shawl collar cardigan. Layered over his best formal shirt and kecks, Draper’s on-screen attire is proof that the piece can sit perfectly within a professional wardrobe (especially if there’s a post-work drink involved).

Steve McQueen

When it comes to the shawl collar cardigan, no actor aided its appeal quite like Steve McQueen. The Hollywood star sported the style in all kinds of cinematic scenarios, most often pairing it with relaxed white staples (as pictured here in 1964) and suede desert boots. To subtly nod to his approach today, we suggest starting with our berry design, layered over our white Fullcount jeans and based with our Sanders chukka boots. Autumnal appeal guaranteed.

Words by Faye Fearon