The King’s Man:
30th August 2020

The King’s Man

Timothy Everest back on the big screen

We were very excited a couple of weeks back to see the brand new trailer for the upcoming prequel to the Kingsmen series: The King’s Man. We are particularly thrilled as the movie will feature one of our favourite actors Ralph Fiennes, and the other leading men, donning our bespoke tailoring on screen.

Timothy Everest - The King's Man
Traditionally formal white tie ensembles made by Timothy Everest, worn by characters The Duke of Oxford and Conrad

With director Matthew Vaughn again at the helm, The King’s Man takes us back a century to the First World War and concerns a dastardly plot to destroy the world by a shadowy cabal of tyrants, with only the Duke Of Oxford, dashingly portrayed by Mr Fiennes, and his young protégé to stop them.

Timothy Everest - The King's Man
Edwardian style lounge suit worn by Ralph Fiennes cut with a period correct rounded lapel

Our bespoke department were extremely honoured to be asked to create the period-correct suiting for Mr Fiennes, as well as his young charge Conrad, played by Harris Dickenson, along with the incomparable Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character, Lee Unwin.

You can see the results of our labour, and all the Edwardian action, on screen from the 18th September.

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