22nd June 2022

The Natural Washed Linen Work Jacket

Keep it Simple

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course. But what denotes beauty when it comes to the clothes we wear? For us here at Timothy Everest, function really should define the form. And in a world where technology is gripped ever so tightly, with millions of things vying for our attention, keeping things simple never seemed more important. The William Morris truism that one should own nothing that is not beautiful nor useful can be adapted to your philosophy when dressing: functional beauty continues to conquer the sartorial landscape, and this jacket is the absolute definition of such an ideology. Keep things simple.

Milled in Ireland and constructed in England, our interpretation of the essential workwear classic, the Work Jacket, is – dare we say it – one of the best versions you’ll find this side of Kyoto. And, made on a very limited run of 10, it’s a striking piece that will be an indispensable item for many years to come. When so many designs cry for your attention, take the simple route and go for a timeless classic, made to the highest standards.

Keeping things simple is often the key to creating a lasting idea or product, and many designers inevitably look to nature for inspiration and solutions. Like the enchanting forms of an oak tree or stone bridge, this natural fabric and ‘peasant’ style construction is alluring because it doesn’t rely upon technical materials, weatherproof treatments or even computer-aided drawings (although we do use those from time to time). It is basic, yet beautiful.

The Natural Washed Linen Work Jacket is cut from a 100% linen durable and lightweight cloth, undyed but washed, tumbled and treated for a beautiful worn-in finish and handle. Two large patch pockets and an internal patch pocket offer plenty of storage, and a simple pointed collar is joined by horn buttons at the front. The jacket is unlined for essential summer-time breathability, providing an elegant, easy fit, and has single button working cuffs. Worn with a button-down shirt and tie, it’s a great alternative to a sports coat; whilst wearing it with a polo or t-shirt makes for perfect down-time attire.

The definition of utilitarian is something designed for practicality, rather than to be attractive, yet the simple form of the chore jacket is why it is adored by so many. The form follows the function, and like many things in the natural world, this design has evolved out of necessity.

Style inspiration – Monty Don wearing a classic french-blue workwear jacket

The immortal work jacket prevails over many other styles of outerwear because it’s pure design – created for absolute practicality. It’s why people like Monty Don and David Hockney wear one almost every day of the week. If you happen to be a chef, architect, blacksmith or accountant, the simple pointed collar, buttons and large front patch pockets work in almost every guise. It’s tough and good-looking, like Bruce Lee, and whether pulling up weeds in the garden, or ordering your fourth pastis of the afternoon in Perpignan, this jacket works as hard you care to, and has that classic, timeless aesthetic.