20th August 2022

The sartorial flair of Mr Bryan Ferry

(Five of his greatest moments)

Fifty years on from the release of Roxy Music’s first album, we look back on five of the frontman’s finest sartorial manoeuvres…

Music and style have long gone hand in hand. The modern evolution of fashion frequently calls upon segments of sound to shape a dialogue of trends (understandably), but music works in a different manner. Instead of being dictated by clothing, musicians call upon it as a secondary touch to their sounds, often resulting in a truly organic approach to dress which transcends the seasons and years. One fine example of a man who exhibited this approach? Bryan Ferry: founder and frontman of glam-rock British band, Roxy Music.

Ferry’s approach to menswear has long been as elaborate as his music, best expressed through the details of a sector he calls upon most: tailoring. Unafraid to step out in bold bespoke ensembles, the musician has built himself to be quite a legend in menswear, sealing him as a top port of call for a sartorial upgrade. So to mark the 50th Anniversary of his band’s debut album (and his new book, Lyrics, just released in celebration) here’s five of Ferry’s greatest tailored moments of all time. Your wardrobe couldn’t ask for more than this.

A Classic Check Blazer

Few things speak of sartorial fluency more than a well cut, single breasted blazer. In the case of Ferry, said upper layer has been approached in a multitude of styles, but our favourite has to be this check style. Fitted with a sharp shoulder line and huge lapels, this was Ferry’s way of redefining collegiate style with subtle touches of pizazz. If you’re looking to invest in a similar piece, check out our made-to-measure service for a result that lends itself to every season.

A Lightweight Linen Suit

To those who fear embracing lighter suit shades for the current summer season, allow this photo of Ferry to change your mind. Softly cut with a breathable linen texture, the key to him pulling this ensemble off with pure excellence was in the surrounding styling: a blue button down shirt, wide striped tie and statement loafers. Go hard or go home, as they say – and Ferry fulfilled the first half with maximum effect.

A Sharp Double Breasted Suit

While we may be in the peak of summer, the days are naturally drawing in, so it’s a good idea to prepare your wardrobe for the seasons to come. Your top sartorial structure for doing so? A double breasted design, ideally cut with seventies-induced lapels and flared trousers à la Ferry. This charcoal wool suit was worn for what appears to be a Roxy Music celebration (note the debut album cover, nice) and swiftly confirmed Ferry to display a knack for tailored timelessness. If you’re on the lookout for something similar, a bespoke consultation awaits.

A (Subtle) Western Shirt

Now, time for Ferry’s informal approach to tailoring. A round of applause is well due here, simply down to the fact that he partnered a subtle Western shirt with high waisted leather kecks. Why on earth not? Confidence in expression was key to making this work: perfectly communicated by the Roxy frontman through insouciantly unbuttoning his shirt collar and draping his tie loosely. The Western style is a brilliant option for toning down your tailoring, so be sure to bring us this reference for a made-to-measure creation.

A (Very) Desirable Dinner Jacket

Turning to the final hours of the day: an evening soirée. Ferry doesn’t mess around with dinner dress codes, evidenced by this immaculate white dinner jacket. Fitted with the most flattering shoulder line and shaped by billowing shawl lapels, this formal move confirms the musician to be a true master of classic menswear. And the lesson to take from it? Invest in very simple yet very well crafted pieces to deliver a sense of style which no one will forget.

Words by Faye Fearon