14th September 2022

The September Style Transition

By Faye Fearon

September is a tricky month to style. Falling out of summer yet not quite falling into Autumn, our wardrobes are left to deal with a bit of an unpredictable forecast, so it’s important to have a series of smart layers on hand to see you through it. A failsafe source of inspiration for said pieces? Easy: musicians.

Here at Timothy Everest, culture is a key port of call for any segment of our design process: whether it be through our seasonal ready-to-wear collections or personalised tailoring services. So as the drop of our Autumn/Winter 2022 collection looms, we thought we’d acknowledge a few of our favourite sound makers who timelessly inform the shapes of our silhouettes. And specifically today, through pieces which are perfect for this seasonal transition. Style school is in session.

A white shirt (cc Nick Cave)

A white shirt accommodates any season and (pretty much) any social scenario, therefore deeming it a failsafe piece to call upon in September. Australian goth sensation Nick Cave is a modern muse for its enduring appeal, shaping his uniform around the piece – most often unbuttoned and most often partnered with a simple black suit. If the weather’s looking warm, forget the jacket and roll up the sleeves of your shirt for nonchalant effect. But if it’s a bit cold, pair it with a sharp blazer and pull out the collar à la Cave. Style right hand.

A good pair of jeans (cc David Bowie)

Sure, David Bowie may have been known for his sensational tailored statements, but he also turned to sharp staples from time to time. The one to draw your attention to today? Denim. Cut with a high waist and finished with a subtle flare at the base, his approach to jeans carried just the right amount of flamboyance, resulting in a serious style moment with an appearance of little (to no) effort. Regardless of the month, you can’t go wrong with denim, but you can go that extra bit right by following suit in the Starman’s shape of choice.

A light scarf (cc Miles Davis)

Due to the unpredictable weather forecast in September, it’s a smart idea to have some light accessories on hand, and the best starting point is a scarf. Ideally, a richly patterned one like this paisley design worn by Miles Davis. Practical and elegant alike, the good thing about a lightweight style like this is that it can elevate an outfit at any placement: whether you tie it round your neck in the drizzly weather, drape it over your jacket for a subtle touch of warmth or stick it in your pocket for a laid-back appearance. The ultimate September seal, available in our accessories department.

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A crew neck jumper (cc George Harrison)

Ah, knitwear. The season of chunky upper layers is finally on its way, so while we wait for autumn to fully kick in (bringing with it an abundance of polonecks), your best shape for a wool staple is Shetland. Modelled excellently here by My George Harrison, the insulating crew neck style is the ultimate solution for seasonal transition, because it can be layered brilliantly with a shirt underneath (no jacket required on top). Plus, it’s the perfect casual touch to an otherwise tailored ensemble. What’s not to love? Check out our new selection of the style for a very smart knitwear investment.

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A black suit (cc Jacques Dutronc)

Regardless of the year, a twist of tailoring is always a good idea: much like the twisting moves of French yéyé musician Jacques Dutronc, whose golden style status was sealed most frequently by a simple, single-breasted black suit. The power of this ensemble is not to be underestimated, because if cut correctly to your form, it’s guaranteed to enhance your silhouette to its most sophisticated state. And, of course, accommodate the seasonal transition (style it like Dutronc on a warmer day and stick a jumper underneath when the temperature drops). If you’re looking to create something similar, be sure to book a bespoke consultation with us today.

Words by Faye Fearon