21st July 2023

Casual Cottons | Made in England

Crafted in the heart of England

At Timothy Everest we of course tailor suits and shirts for customers around the world with precision and quality, but we also offer an emporium of more relaxed apparel and accessories to help you complete your ultimate wardrobe. Enter stage (with a laidback swagger) our range of Tailored Casual Cottons.

Lovingly crafted in Leicestershire, in the heart of England, these three luxurious organic cotton designs are the missing link between sharp suiting and off-duty slouching.

All knitted and garment-dyed in England, we have an essential heavy-weight t-shirt, a beautiful lighter weight pique polo shirt and our best-in-class sweatshirt, using appropriate blends of organic cotton, hemp and linen yarns.

A snapshot of Timothy Everest’s current range of knitted organic cottons, made in England.

Even to the most nonchalant of observers, tailoring has truly loosened its tie and kicked off its loafers in recent years. Before 2020, the ‘year of the sofa’ AKA the global pandemic, wearing relaxed trousers and clogs at work was reserved for chefs and only the most relaxed of silicon-valley-style start-ups. Now, with remote-working and the eternal rise of leisurewear, sports-casual has taken on a new meaning. If you’re going to dress down though, do it properly.

Discovery Knitting on the outskirts of Leicester, a city with a rich heritage of manufacturing, created these garments to a standard that is rare to find this side of the Atlantic in the 21st century. From their knitting plant to the sewing room, everything they produce is about quality that lasts. And like any good cotton garment, these products wear in, rather than wear out, taking on the personality that comes with age and experience. Knitted on machines you won’t find anywhere else in Europe let alone the UK, the styles were then sent to be garment dyed in north London and then back to Leicester for finishing. Garment dyeing is conducted in small batches and reveals high and low tones of the colour on each component of the garment’s pattern. The different weights and textures of the individual fabrics each take the colour differently. It’s the same dye stuff but display unique shades hence the beautifully natural hues and finish on these styles.


All the yarns used for these products are GOTS certified, meaning they meet a fair-trade standard. The proximity of both Discovery in the Midlands and the dyeing plant in London is ideal; allowing our designers to work closely with our machinists to correct details on the garments and create beautiful, high-quality products. Each one of these cotton pieces have been crafted with maximum fidelity to a standard that can only be achieved working with local, small batch manufacturers. Cotton knitting that is sustainable and durable and worth the investment.

Garment Dyed Rugby Jersey Cotton T-Shirt

This 300-gsm jersey cotton is a heavyweight American-style t-shirt fabric and one of the oldest qualities that Discovery Knitting produce. Used for cotton Oxford shirts and luxury t-shirts, it’s an indestructible knit made using a two-ply construction. The ribbed and higher neckline is cut for a more tailored appearance that works well with jackets and overshirts, and the sleeve length is slightly longer for a smarter fit. Many brands claim to have created the ultimate t-shirt but this one is a classic cut that feels superb to wear. Highly versatile in any season. Essential.

Garment Dyed Knitted Jersey Polo Shirt

This pique cotton-linen blend is another heritage specification that Discovery have supplied for over twenty years. A lighter weight construction for summer days with a looser knit, the minimal deconstructed collar gives this polo softer edges and a timeless appeal. Sometimes only the merest of collars will do so you can let yourself breathe. Meditative and relaxed style for sipping cocktails by the sea, but also reminding everyone who’s boss.

Cotton Linen Knitted Jersey Sweatshirt

This beautiful quality sweater is constructed on a Camber knitting machine (the only one in the UK) using yarns of cotton and hemp. The big triple thread French terry loopback that the machine can produce is mostly only achievable from manufacturers in the USA. Whilst super durable the linen and hemp yarns in the fabric create a more natural and slubby texture, and the overall feel and handle is super soft. A sportswear staple with character and charm.

Sports casual, tailored casual, whatever you want to call it, the appeal of these informal styles and the nonchalance they impart on the wearer will never be substituted. Ironic somehow that the more ‘sporty’ and military origins of these types of garments were created for sweat and toil. Take it from us, you’ll feel victory every time you slip into one of these pieces, even if you don’t plan to venture further than the back garden. And relax…