25th February 2023

Blending Burgundy Into Your Wardrobe

With a little help from creative stars

Colour is key to any wardrobe. The palette of choice for your silhouette really enhances the type of style you choose to express: whether this be a classic unwavering stance via black and white, a preppy Ivy League move via collegiate blues and browns, or a bold seventies statement via earthy tones. Perhaps your wardrobe falls into one of these categories day in, day out, or perhaps it likes to experiment with different moves depending on the desired outing. To those who veer towards the latter, we have news for you: there’s one colour in particular that lends itself to an abundance of style approaches. Drumroll: burgundy.

Red shades find a place in all style scenarios, quite simply because they’re classic and contemporary all at once. Evolving from a primary palette (hence the classic nature upon wear), the subtle pop of a deep red piece has the power to enhance your ensemble immediately. That is, if paired with a strong surrounding silhouette. Since you’ll find your fair share of romantically-coloured pieces in our Autumn/Winter collection (currently on sale, FYI), we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share four failsafe ways of mastering a deep red design in your own wardrobe. All thanks to, of course, our go-to cultural style icons…

The shirt (cc Elvis Presley)

First up: the shirt. Arguably the greatest wardrobe essential to slot into any season, it’s also the easiest starting point for blending red into your style game because it can subtly rest between more muted layers. A fine case in point for it? The King of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley. Styled here with straight cut black trousers (always a good idea), the musical icon brought a healthy dose of flair to his ensemble by leaving the top of his shirt open, allowing its collar to spread and take centre stage. To kickstart a similar move, take a look at our redchurch shirt.

The corduroy trouser (cc Jarvis Cocker)

If you’re interested in embracing burgundy the collegiate way, Jarvis Cocker has a texture cue for you: corduroy. A frequent favourite in his Ivy-League influenced wardrobe, here the Pulp star styles his kecks with a lighter shaded shirt from the red spectrum (another good reference for our redchurch design), completing his look with a dapper single breasted tweed jacket. As for the effect? Pure education on how to combine a series of textures with a base of romanticism, thanks to his merlot trousers. For fans of it, our merlot needlecord style awaits.

The jumper (cc Paul Weller)

Since we’re in the peak of winter, a quality roll neck is key to battling the biting temperatures in sophisticated style. To spruce things up this season, we advise investing in our fine gauge merino wool roll neck – plum in shade – before styling it in a similar manner to the ultimate mod man: Mr Paul Weller. Sure, his fit of choice may be shaped by a crew neck, but the lower half of his silhouette still stands: subtly flared pinstripe trousers. Layered over the waistband for nonchalant effect, it’s a perfect pop of colour to an otherwise classic ensemble, AKA the greatest way to master colour via style.

The suit (cc David Bowie)

To those unafraid of issuing a serious burgundy statement, head to toe tailoring is the way to do it, and few menswear icons have proven the power of such more than David Bowie. Pictured here in the peak of his seventies fame, Mr Ziggy Stardust opted for the sharpest burgundy ensemble greeted by man: enhanced even further by accessories including a pink pocket square and silk turquoise tie. His confidence upon wear really brought this romantically-coloured ensemble to life, so have this in mind when piecing together your own. Our wine Hoxton blazer is a top ingredient to build a similar silhouette.

Words by Faye Fearon