28th January 2023

How to Style A Winter Coat

By Faye Fearon

The power of an overcoat is not to be underestimated. Quite literally the make or break component of any ensemble during the colder seasons, it’s essential that your choice in finishing layer be built from a practical texture, and as for the cut? That’s what rounds off your silhouette with the greatest dose of appeal. That is, if chosen correctly. The best place to source one? We may be a bit biassed, but from our current Autumn/Winter collection.

For one week only, we’re offering a twenty percent reduction on our winter coats selection, so what better time to invest? The biting temperatures across the country certainly call for one too. Applicable to our quartet of styles – from the single breasted undyed wool design to the double breasted donegal – the limited run and quality of each piece promises a winter wardrobe partner to outlive the decades. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the cultural cases below for proof. All donned in strikingly similar styles, these four guys will show you how to layer your imminent winter coat with the utmost precision. And therefore, style.

James Baldwin

Literary sensation James Baldwin knew how to piece together an outfit as well as he did sentences. Just take a look at this composition: a single breasted town coat (much like our latest fitted design) paired with simple yet effective accessories: a dark matching scarf and subtly rounded sunglasses. It would also appear that he has a Harrington jacket in hand, should the extra layer be acquired. All in all, it looks good to us, and an easy ensemble to replicate with the existing finishing touches in your own wardrobe.

Brown Undyed Wool Single Breasted Town Coat

Paul McCartney

Hats off to Sir Paul McCartney for showing us how to serve an insouciant stance via traditionally formal pieces. His overcoat of choice was a double breasted herringbone layer: partnered with a slightly unbuttoned shirt (nice relaxed touch), wool beige trousers (they’re suitable all year round) and buckled loafers. This kind of look lends itself to both afternoon and evening excursions, and to embrace it à la Timothy Everest, we suggest our belted Donegal coat. Similarly fitted with extravagant lapels, this finishing touch will speak for itself upon wear.

Mick Jagger

He may have been at the helm of progressive menswear moves throughout the seventies, but Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger also sported his fair share of traditional tailoring: in this case a long black wool coat. Elegantly layered over his statement checked suit of choice (our bespoke service awaits should you be desiring something similar), his well-cut outfit topper balanced out his otherwise daring look with a sense of timelessness. Hence the reason he’s one of menswear’s greatest icons. To create a similar draping effect, turn your attention to the Carrick.

Geoffrey Holder

Geoffrey Holder was skilled in pretty much everything: acting, dancing, music, art and, in our favourite matter of speaking: style. Case in point: this immaculate, head-to-toe tailored ensemble, worn with nothing more than grace as he perched on a chair at home. While the heavy wool suit was clearly excellent, it was the boldness and broadness of his overcoat which gave this stance true pizazz: collar upturned, lapels flowing wide. The closest way to exhibiting a similar effect (just as long as you carry the same confidence)? Via our double breasted donegal design: long-fitting, heavyweight and simply sophisticated.

Words by Faye Fearon