21st April 2021

Linen Formal Shirts

Tailor made for Wedding Season

Linen is a cloth more associated with the dressed down end of one’s wardrobe. Its uniquely nobbled surface, soft handle and loose weave lend themselves to holiday shirts and cream suits best pared with a Panama Hat and a day out at the cricket.

Unbeknown to many however, it is a remarkably versatile material, and for this season we have employed it in a more formal manner than one might expect.

Taking three different patterns in a rarified Irish Linen, these shirts share all their DNA with our most conservative shirting, suitable for office and wedding wear, except for the slightly more louche and debonair touch of the fabric. With a semi spread collar, split yoke at the back and mother-of-pearl buttons, the Blue Fine Stripe, Mint Deck Stripe and Pink Gingham lend themselves handsomely to summer parties and outdoor weddings, looking as perfectly at home with a tie and under a jacket, as unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up.