Timothy Everest Sizing Guide

Timothy Everest Sizing Guide

1. Neck/Collar – Measure around your neck just above your collar bone, putting 1 finger between the tape and your neck.

2. Chest – Wrap the tape measure around your chest at the fullest part. Ensure you keep the tape level.

3. Waist (Jacket) – Your natural waist is usually the thinnest part, typically just above your belly button. Wrap the tape measure around this part, ensuring you keep it level.

4. Sleeve Length – Measure from the tip of your shoulder down. For a long sleeve shirt/top this will be to your wrist.

5. Inside Leg – Place the tape measure at the middle of your inside leg at the crotch, and measure down to where the hem of your trouser would sit (just above the shoe).

6. Jacket/Shirt Length – Measure from the top of your shoulder near your neck, and follow down in a straight line.

7. Shoulder Width – Imagine a line running upwards from your armpit, and measure from the tip of one shoulder to the other.

8. Waist (Trouser) – Pass the tape measure around your hip at the widest part.