15th July 2023

T-Shirts and Tailoring: A Style Guide

According to five of our favourite men in music…

Many people see sartorial clothing as something to only be embraced for a traditionally formal dress code, but if you’re style-conscious like us, we can agree that this is far from the case. The beauty of tailoring is that it lends itself to pretty much any occasion, and if said occasion is shaped by a more off-duty status, the piece to pair under your suit is really quite simple: a t-shirt.

As part of our latest ready-to-wear collection, we’re pleased to be offering three crew neck styles – classic white, blue and green garment dyed – which act as the perfect under layer to a plethora of tailored ensembles. Crafted from a 290 gsm organic cotton jersey fabric, they have been shaped with a durable texture and tailored cut – solidifying them as a staple to last for the long run.

If said staple is something you’re interested in layering under your own suit, allow us to share some lessons on how to wear it with the utmost flair. While credit is due to the likes of Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen for bringing cultural credit to the design, today’s focus for inspiration is placed on musicians, because these are the men who frequently advocated a t-shirt and tailoring combination – and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular…

John Lennon

Beatle-man John Lennon excelled in style as much as he excelled in music, perfectly proven by his approach to a t-shirt with tailoring. Pictured here with Yoko Ono in 1971, the artist based his ensemble with a graphic white tee: slim-fitting and tucked into a pair of black high waisted trousers to match his long, single-breasted jacket. Accessorised with a buckle leather belt, striped choker (extra points for this unique find) and aviator-style shades, the complete silhouette communicated a carefree sense of sophistication, and is a top port of call for a day-to-night style move this summer.

Paul Weller

As one of the greatest purveyors of the mod movement, Paul Weller has always understood how to serve modernity via both music and style. His key ingredient to doing so in more recent years? Via a white t-shirt, excellently contrasted with a classic pinstripe suit as pictured above. Balancing the sharp sartorial set with the casual crew neck was a brilliant way of placing the pinstripe in a fresh dress code environment: one where its streamlined silhouette emitted more nonchalance and subtle glamour. Take note if you’re interested in a similar effect.

Brian Eno

Styling a single shade from head to toe may seem like a simple task, but there is an art to doing it right, and Brian Eno accomplished it thanks to three key factors: proportion, texture and dress code. Layered over a chunky cotton crew-neck (we suggest adding our green style to your basket for a nice nod to his darker choice), he juxtaposed this fitted cotton texture with a slightly oversized twill blazer and matching relaxed trousers. This resulted in a more off-duty appearance to his formal set which worked wonders with the t-shirt underneath. Top points.

Alex Turner

While we always cite menswear moments from the second half of the 20th Century next to our collections, it is equally essential to demonstrate how similar pieces are styled in our current age. So the finest case in point for a t-shirt and tailoring today? It comes courtesy of Alex Turner, who likes to mix white crew neck designs with cream, single-breasted blazers (lessons on how to style this here), well-tailored jeans (cc our collaboration with Fullcount) and heeled leather boots. Impeccably sharp and insouciant at once, his plethora of pieces here renders a truly timeless silhouette – one that we should all embrace, stat.

Mick Jagger

If you’re looking for a more relaxed sartorial stance on the t-shirt, Mick Jagger has got you covered. Sure, his archive of sartorial statements in the seventies was pretty much second to none, but the Rolling Stones frontman also understood how to switch off in style, and on this day, it was through a striped knitted cardigan. Still fusing tailoring into his attire through a pair of light tailored trousers, the complete look was half-formal, half-relaxed, with the laid-back nature of his cardigan really complimenting his upper layer of choice. Have this look on hand for lounging days at home any time of the year.

Words by Faye Fearon


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