22nd October 2022

The Process


The word bespoke comes from the verb bespeak, as in to speak of. If something is already ‘spoken for’ then it has been ordered. This became a term used frequently by tailors and clothiers in the 19th century. A gentleman would bespeak his desired cloth (reserve it) for it to be cut into a jacket, trousers or shirt. Bespoke as a term became synonymous with the tailoring trade and has evolved into meaning a custom service entirely unique to the individual; not just in reference to the cloth, but the way in which the suit is created.

When presenting yourself to the world in style, nothing beats a bespoke suit: its cloth, cut and details uniquely chosen by you, perfectly fitted to your body. The journey in crafting its leading elements is a personal experience like no other. From the first word, we communicate and collaborate on the entire process with you, to ensure that it’s as much your creation as it is ours. The suit we create together reflects both your style, personality, history, and the pride we take in our own heritage and craft.

Furthermore, a bespoke project with Timothy Everest is an investment in a personal relationship with cutters and tailors that is about exceptional quality and understanding. With prices starting at £3,800 for an entirely handmade two-piece suit, we look forward to discussing your next design.


The first stage of the bespoke process is simple: we talk. From this initial consultation, we want to gain the greatest understanding of who you are and what your vision might be. During this discussion, you will receive a detailed explanation of the bespoke process. Wherever you are in the world, we will then embark on perhaps the most important step of the process together, choosing the right cloth.

Addressing your aesthetic preferences and practical needs, we will take you through our archive of hundreds of cloth bunches, handpicked from the finest mills and suppliers from the Scottish Highlands to Southern Italy.

To understand the individuality of your silhouette, you will then be meticulously measured by our experienced cutters to carefully draft and create your own hand-cut pattern from scratch, used as the template to cut your chosen cloth. This is then hand-stitched and crafted to create the initial ‘baste’ garments, the foundation for your finished piece.


A first fitting to try the initial ‘baste’ garments which are constructed by hand to help refine the cut and specifics of your design. Our cutter will carefully re-measure and record any required adjustments and amendments needed. Simultaneously our expert team will meticulously discuss the final touches to your garment in preparation for the final fitting, such as button choices, lapel widths, linings and pocket positioning. Detail takes centre stage during the creation of a bespoke suit and the possibilities are, of course, almost infinite. At Timothy Everest, we pride ourselves on delivering the most extraordinary results whether your style is flamboyant, understated or somewhere in-between.

At the next fitting, you will be trying on the finished article, ensuring that you are satisfied with the fit, finish and details of your design. Any slight amendments needed will be fulfilled and then the piece is yours to unleash on the world or carefully store away for its intended occasion.


Whether you’re on the lookout for a classic business suit, a ceremonial three-piece, custom shirting or evening wear, the Timothy Everest team is ready and raring to collaborate with you on the bespoke journey, arriving at a truly unique and beautiful outcome, completely your own.

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