20th May 2023

The Wedding Present | Your Made-to-Measure Suit

Make it personal this season, with style

With wedding season imminent, shining its beam like a lighthouse across the landscape, and over the waves to the continent; many amongst us will be searching for the perfect gift for the happy couple. But forget spending hours online finding an overpriced carafe the bride will bin, or buying the newlyweds tickets to a West End musical they’ve already seen. The best gift you can bring to the special day is by dressing exceptionally well; and that requires, of course, a very good suit. It’s the measure of the man… There, we said it.

Because weddings aren’t an average BBQ down at the golf club, or awkward New Year’s Eve dinner party. Having something very good to wear, rather than cobbled together from your best ‘formal’ shirts and slacks, or making the embarrassing move of borrowing an inevitably ill-fitting two-piece (too small or too big is either way comical), is crucial. Yes, if you’re the best man or merely the bride’s first cousin once removed, your attendance will be duly noted, especially if you look sharper than a samurai’s picnic knife.

Like the happy couple picking what colour to paint the living room months after the last guest has hailed a taxi, there are many options to choose from, but we’d steer you gently in the direction of a Timothy Everest made-to-measure suit.

Made-to-Measure: Classic Cuts

If you’re looking for the perfect suit, but not seeking to play your entire hand on a bespoke commission, Made-to-Measure is the route for you.

Based on our classic house blocks – patterns and styles tried-and-tested by clients around the world – our tailors and cutters record your measurements just as they would with a bespoke design, but adjust the block according to your exact dimensions.

You can then customise the block with your choice of cloth and details such as button stance, lapel-with, linings and pocketing.

The process begins with an appointment in-house or over the telephone to discuss what you need and then your measurements will be taken to send to the factory to cut and assemble your garment. Once the hand-made suit is returned we can then fit it again in-house to make any small tweaks to ensure the perfect fit. An efficient and rewarding service we’ve developed to acclaim over the last thirty years, you won’t regret the investment.

So, if you’re looking for a relaxed all-rounder cut from durable cotton to travel to Tuscany, or a honed herringbone for a date in the Highlands, we can deliver you something special for the big day and night.

A Note on Hot-Weather Occasions

At Timothy Everest we duly pride ourselves on an exceptional selection of cloths to fit every need and style. So, if you’re off to humid Havana for a wedding trip, lightweight linens and subtle seersucker options can accommodate the heavier heat. And if you must venture down the more casual route of Cuban shirt, make sure your trousers are correct before you go splashing out on a big cigar…

Made-to-Measure Shirting

Did you know we also offer a made-to-measure shirting service? Our trained tailors will take your measurements and personalise the garment to fit your taste and individual requirements. With a plethora of cloth options and over 20 collar styles, along with fully customisable options for cuffs, pockets, placket, yoke, gusset and monogramming, you can create a truly unique shirt to accompany your custom Timothy Everest suit.

Make the most of wedding season, and give the greatest gift and commitment to friends, family and yourself. For better or worse.