9th July 2022

Why the high waisted trouser works for summer

(courtesy of our favourite cultural cases)

From our favourite on-screen characters to music’s most maverick dressers, take a high waisted trouser cue from one of these style stars this summer…

Our current Spring/Summer collection offers a variety of trouser styles to choose from.

While some struggle to embrace summer style, we here at Timothy Everest tend not to suffer, because the same rule applies as with any other season: keep it classic. Sure, we may have to shed a few layers, but the sharp basis of a sartorial silhouette can still accommodate the warmer weather – and more importantly, issue an enduring level of elegance in the process. The key piece to call upon for your lower half? A pair of high waisted trousers.

Regardless of the fall you prefer, the height of a high waist is an instant way to elongate your silhouette. Not dependent on a matching jacket, it issues just the right amount of formality to a summer ensemble, easily dressed up or down depending on your upper layer of choice. Our current Spring/Summer collection offers a variety of trouser styles to choose from (cotton, linen, denim and even seersucker) but before you invest in your piece of choice, allow us to present some cultural inspiration for the best ways to style it. Follow in their footsteps for fashionable flair.

Harry Styles

While much of our menswear inspiration comes from the past, it’s just as important to acknowledge the present, especially when it concerns a top tailoring move. Our favourite current case for high waisted trousers? Mainstream as it may be: Harry Styles. Characterised by pieces that exude total flair and flamboyance, Styles’ go-to partner for the style in question is a jazzy (and often heavily unbuttoned) blouse: a very practical piece for the warm season and one to seal your sartorial deal with a good bit of pizazz. To follow suit in Styles’, erm, style, start with our flat front seersucker style. In black, of course.

David Hemmings

Sure, the initial image that comes to mind for high waisted trousers sits on the formal side of the wardrobe, but high rise denim issues just as much elegance – so long as it’s paired with the right essentials. To David Hemmings (AKA roving sixties photographer Thomas in Blow-Up), said denim is embraced in white (the only shade you need for summer), topped with a classic blue oxford shirt and accessorised with a chunky leather belt. It’s hard to go wrong with this kind of ensemble, because it strikes a brilliant balance between the formal and the casual. Good news for recreating it: our Japanese jeans in collaboration with Fullcount & Co perfectly match those worn by Thomas.

Marlon Brando

There’s nothing more simple – and naturally, effective – in a wardrobe than a white t-shirt, and no cultural icon proved the power of it more than Marlon Brando. Famously shedding light on its flattering shape in A Streetcar Named Desire, the best compliment to his tight-fitting design was a loose pair of high waisted trousers – selected in what appears to be twill for a nice mix up of texture. If you’re inclined to communicate the most effortless appeal with your summer style, this is the look is for you. As for the trousers in particular? Just bring this reference to a made-to-measure consultation with us, and we’ll build the best modern recreation for you.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

For a man who liked to challenge the boundaries of art, it’s no surprise that Jean-Michel Basquiat also liked to challenge the boundaries of style. How so? Through three elements in particular: pattern, colour and dress code. Pictured here in his most famous profile, the artist opted to partner a discreetly checked suit with a bold Adidas t-shirt – because well, why not? Huge praise goes to the relaxed charm of this set: something to accurately channel with a little help from our new seersucker drawstring trousers. Maybe just leave the helmet at home (unless you’ve got the transport to go with it).

David Bowie

The reason we’ll always encourage you to opt for a high waisted silhouette is down to the fact that it elongates the body and, therefore, results in a really flattering appearance. David Bowie was a man who regularly exemplified this, even in the summer season as he paired a black single breasted suit with a white collared shirt (sans tie, good call) and platform shoes. The sharp and slightly flared shape of his suit is nothing short of immaculate, and if it’s something that entices you, there’s only one way to add it to your wardrobe: via a bespoke suit. Guaranteed to serve you well for decades to come, it’s conception begins with a bespoke or made-to-measure consultation, to which we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Words by Faye Fearon