4th November 2022

Woven in Yorkshire | A Seasonal Promotion

20% Off Made-to-Measure

Here at Timothy Everest we take pride in the fact that custom tailoring is a low-impact means of dressing. Essential methods such as your cloth selection cut to your precise measurements, added inlays to allow garments to expand (if needed), and that personal relationship with your tailor results in a more sustainable product both through construction and longevity. This ethos is underpinned by choice of quality, homespun cloth, which is why we are thrilled to have teamed up with British wool manufacturers Marling & Evans for a seasonal made-to-measure promotion this Autumn/Winter season

Nicholas chose a Marling & Evans undyed Prince of Wales cloth for his 2 piece Made to Measure suit. (ref Moorend/17488/A1)

Marling & Evans produces stunning woven fabrics that are firm favourites with our cutters and customers alike. The Huddersfield-based cloth merchant – established in 1782 – is one of the oldest active weaving mills in the land and is renowned for unflinching quality and the practice of producing undyed cloths and all-natural dyed cloths with English wools in timeless patterns and colours.

For this Autumn / Winter season, we are offering 20% off all made-to-measure orders using Marling & Evans cloth.

Classic designs are woven in Merino, Lambswool, Shetland and eco-friendly undyed British wool.


Undyed, 100% British cloths are made using a trio of sheep breeds – Jacobs, Shetland and Welsh black – which allow for different tones within the weave.

Like our Bespoke offering, the made-to-measure service from Timothy Everest exists to provide a beautiful array of personalised tailoring for every occasion and style. From heavyweight winter suits and tweed overcoats to flannel trousers and herringbone sports jackets, make a statement with the finest tailoring this season.

Using your measurements and guided by your specific requirements, we personalise our tried-and-tested “blocks” with your selection of cloths and details. The resulting garment is assembled and hand-finished at our factory and then quality-checked in the atelier by our in-house team.

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Based at the heart of the West Yorkshire textile industry, Marling & Evans still produces the finest cloths using natural fibres combined in beautiful patterns that are typical of British tradition.

Marling & Evans began life weaving fabrics in the 1500s in a place called Stonehouse, near Stroud in Gloucestershire. By the 18th century, the name was worn by gentlemen throughout Europe. Coveted by suit-makers from Japan to Italy, Marling & Evans checks, tweeds and herringbones are beyond reproach, thanks in part to the completely natural hues and handle. A small token of their superlative fabrics is that the mill’s Covert Twill was used in the upholstery of Rolls Royce motor-vehicles in the mid-twentieth century.

Their undyed, 100% British cloths are made using a trio of sheep breeds – Jacobs, Shetland and Welsh black – which then allow for different tones within the weave. The fleeces are spun into eight different coloured yarns at a spinning facility just a few miles up the road in Yorkshire. Alongside the undyed homespun cloths, Marling & Evans also produce naturally dyed British wools as well as Merino wool blends spun in Italy. Wool-linen blends too are twisted in Italy and returned to the UK for weaving and finishing. This is sartorial sustainability in action.

The Marling & Evans’ logo is based on the tool that was used to apply a ‘weavers mark’ for ‘ME’.

The woven – ‘weaver’s mark’ – label on bunches of Marling & Evans cloth or that which can be seen in the lining of your jacket displays the monogram ME. Between these letters is the year the company was founded, 1782. The Made in England moniker is a rare and audacious touch these days, but worn inside and displayed on such beautiful cloth, the provenance feels essential. And that woven label bears a history, tradition and level of manufacturing that is much sought after in the world today. Invest in a beautiful piece of British craftsmanship, and book your appointment today.

A Timothy Everest made–to–measure 3 button notch lapel jacket, with angled flaps and pleated trousers finished with turn–ups. Tailored from one of Marling & Evans' undyed British Wools.


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