18th June 2021

A Postcard From…

San Francisco

It’s been such a joy welcoming you all back to our stores. As bespoke tailors we had truly missed that personal relationship that we have with our clientele, helping to create unique pieces through conversation and the exchanging of ideas. With the travel ban still in place, we can only keep in touch with our clients from around the world virtually. However our “A Postcard From……” series allows us to explore the cities and towns our customers call home. Up next is our friend Duncan Wheeler and the beautiful City of San Francisco.

Client and friend Duncan Wheeler has sent us a postcard from the Golden State

East Coast Style with Left Wing values! Natural beauty every where you go from the Bay to the Mountains.

Favourite restaurant in your hometown? 

L’Ardoise, a French neighbourhood bistro in Lower Haight.

L'Ardoise Bistro

Favourite hidden gem?

Buena Vista Park. Great for a day hike or just to watch the sunset.

Favourite bar?

Noe Valley Tavern. Local bar that’s been there longer than I have.

Favourite Gallery?

Fraenkel Gallery on Post Street. Known for amazing photography from Avedon to Goldin.

Since 1979, Fraenkel Gallery has presented more than 300 exhibitions exploring photography and its relation to other arts.

Favourite open space / outdoor destination?

Crissy Field. The Edge of the city, literally. Watch the waves crash near the Golden Gate Bridge. Can’t be beat!

What’s the first thing you plan to do as soon as the current restrictions are lifted?

Have a drink spilled on me in a busy bar…who’d have thought we’d miss those things!

What’s your favourite Timothy Everest piece?

My brown Fox flannel 3–piece suit.

From Ralph Fiennes' suits for the James Bond saga to clients such as Mr. Wheeler we have created some special pieces using Fox Bros.