18th May 2022

How to wear a double breasted design

(it’s not just for the colder seasons)

From flamboyant musicians to literary icons, take a double breasted wardrobe cue from one of these cultural figures this Spring…

A double breasted suit isn’t the first item to come to mind for a Spring/Summer style move. After all, most see it as a serious rakish stance: favoured by royalists and those of high brow society in the post-war periods of the 20th Century. But in fact, the classic tailored item was originally created for leisure and sports: therefore, by fact, defining it as tailoring’s ultimate casual frame to top any essential layer underneath.

Black Wool Cotton Seersucker DB Blazer
Lovat Green Cotton Drill DB Blazer

The most obvious of such is a sharp button down shirt centralised by an elegant tie. Of course, the result is nothing short of powerful, but we’re here to tell you that double breasted suits aren’t just designed to be worn with formal layerings. Our current age offers the style through an abundance of textures and details – placing emphasis on our own relaxed Cotton Drill and Seersucker iterations in particular – and thanks to a bunch of cultural references, it’s a must-have piece to incorporate in your current style game. So to inspire your next composition, here’s five of our favourite figures who brought the double breasted move to another level.

Bryan Ferry

Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry was all about glam: both in sound and style. The latter often came to life through supreme sartorial ensembles, all of which threw away tradition through surprising styling. In the case of this cream double breasted design (the ultimate choice in shade for our current season, FYI), the basing layer was an unbuttoned shirt and polka tie: a casually elegant combination to ensure an insouciant stance of the tailored silhouette at hand. Follow in his footsteps with a blue shaded shirt to soften your own double breasted stance this season.

William Burroughs

Professionally known for his cut-up writing technique, American author William S. Burroughs also had fun cutting up his favoured wardrobe pieces: resulting in some excellently layered ensembles to see him through any season. For the pictured outing above: the starting point was a striped 4×1 set: practically paired with a knitted tank top, statement tie, nifty shirt and fedora. Consider this your go-to reference for one of those unexpected days where the weather forecast takes a turn for the worst. Luckily, this layering will see you through it in style.

Jarvis Cocker

British musician and Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker is often described as music’s greatest dandy, quite simply because his sartorial deployment was sharp, colourful and always carefully considered. Take this double breasted move as an example. Opting for a tight fasten structure, its slimming silhouette was the perfect layer to seal his Ivy League-like Oxford shirt: selected in primary green for maximum pizazz. Bringing a perfect balance of intellect and glamour, his stance is proof that the blazer alone is perfect for Spring – especially if paired with one of our saturated Redchurch shirts.

Miles Davis

To those who prefer to keep the style classic regardless of the season, Miles Davis is your best source of influence. Technically sensational though his sartorial choices were, the jazz legend’s way of standing out was granted through his shades of choice: in this case, an uplifting grey to heighten the striped nature of his double breasted suit. Finished with nifty peak lapels and deep front pockets, his personal ensemble proves the power of embracing its full silhouette: ideally in a lighter texture and hue to drift through Spring in ease. Our Lovat set ensures similar effects.

Michael Caine

Delivering simplicity with the utmost precision, Hollywood star Michael Caine is one of menswear’s greatest Mavericks, and the above ensemble demonstrates just why. Selecting a high 6×2 double breasted jacket, the actor’s assured stance swiftly makes the case for any essential underneath: from turtleneck jumpers (as pictured) and t-shirts to crew neck vests (this one for those who dare). Just one point on the blazer: if you’re going to keep it black, be sure to opt for our seersucker style, as it’s guaranteed to exude the perfect blend of comfort and charm through its breathable texture and soft half lined construction.

Words by Faye Fearon