2nd June 2022

The Royal style moves to re-enact

In celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

In celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we take a look back on the standout style moments from her royal male relatives…

From a sartorial perspective, few men have mastered the art of tailored excellence quite like the British monarchy.

This year marks the 70th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, and in true British style, it’s a call for celebration. After all, Elizabeth is the first monarch in history to greet a platinum jubilee (big moment), garnering a series of commemorative events taking place this weekend. From parades and services to parties and pageants, spirits are running high, and the wait for said events to commence is a good enough reason to delve into the family history of Her Majesty.

The Bespoke Tailoring team were particularly delighted to create a full selection of Prince Charle's signature double breasted suits.

Specifically, the male side of her family, because from a sartorial perspective, few men have mastered the art of tailored excellence quite like the current British monarchy. This much we know because we worked exclusively with the team behind The Crown to craft accurate costumes for its leading male characters – and our starting reference points were nothing short of supreme. Sure, it may be in their nature to dress formally, but each relative of Elizabeth has shown to display his own unique stance on the suit, and that allows for a good range of lessons to employ in our own wardrobes today. So herewith, our favourite menswear moments from four of the Palace’s frontrunning men…


First up, the Duke of Cambridge: Prince William. Second in the line of succession, his impending power is elegantly comminuted through his style. Just look at the above ensemble for proof: a black turtleneck jumper and trousers based with patent Oxford shoes and a single breasted bottle green jacket. The velvet finish of the latter makes for a really rich range of textures here, smartly amplifying the simplicity of the outfit. If his upper tailoring takes your fancy, we’re on hand to help with our personalised services.


Prince Philip was the longest serving consort in royal history, and since his inception, he served his status in true style. Pulling out this snapshot from his younger years, the Duke of Edinburgh displayed a fondness for more graphic pieces: whether it be the houndstooth of his tweed blazer (excellent, by the way) or the wide stripes of his accompanying tie. Add a classic white button down shirt in, and you have the recipe for a timeless upper style move – one for us to pair with denim by day and twill by night.


Shortly reigning prior to his younger brother Albert, Queen Elizabeth’s father, the Duke of Windsor often favoured a more eccentric sartorial silhouette. A prime example? This impressively wide checked wool suit: sharply single breasted with notch lapels on top, complemented by wide, upturned trousers beneath. This is one to steal the spotlight in, and given that we recreated it for his character in The Crown, a replicated offering for yourself is just a bespoke consultation away.

Edward, Duke of Windsor, played by Alex Jennings in The Crown wearing Timothy Everest Bespoke.


While each male royalist has his own stance on style, the one who has made the biggest waves in menswear is undoubtedly Charles. The reason for such: his favouring of double breasted suits. The Prince of Wales was one of the first to make a truly stylish code for a tighter tailored silhouette, as proven by this utterly sophisticated outfit shown above (shoutout to the popping accessories worn with). To mirror his sartorial sharpness this season, our black seersucker style is a brilliant choice, but if you’re looking for a similar brass option, a bespoke consultation with us is the best starting point.

Why not mirror Prince Charle’s sharpness with this Double Breasted Black Seersucker ensemble.

Words by Faye Fearon