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WM Brown Journal Issue 5

We are delighted that issue five of WM Brown Journal has landed in-store here at Timothy Everest. One of our favourite periodicals, editor Matt Hranek oversees a beautifully curated selection of features with evocative photography, a captivating sense of wonder and an appreciation for craftsmanship and fine detail.


Our Stores are Reopening

We are extremely pleased to announce the dates for reopening both our stores post-lockdown. After studying the governmental guidelines and consulting staff across the company, we have made the decision to be ready to greet customers again on Saturday 4th July at our Redchurch Street store and Monday 6th July at our Bruton Place store.

Six of the Best

Let’s take a look at some of the weaponry in the well-presented man’s arsenal. While a well-stocked wardrobe might seem obvious & a well-appointed bar preferable; a well-rounded library is essential.

Food For Thought: Alex Hall’s Favourite Cookbooks

Here at Timothy Everest, we like to think of ourselves as Renaissance Men and Women. With a small team like ours, there’s always been an ‘all hands on deck’ mindset and the opportunity to wear several hats at the same time.

Take our cutter Alex Hall for example. Alongside the hours bent over the cutting table with his shears and chalk, he takes charge of the lion’s share of the imagery and visual direction for the brand. But within our staff, perhaps our favourite of his many skills is his proficiency in the kitchen.


Seasonal Shorts

While many brands may view their warm weather shorts as a purely casual affair, here at TE, we have always strived to give ours the same finesse and elegance as their full length brethren.

Tradition for the Future. Timothy Everest

Tradition for the Future: Bespoke Innovation

We get asked a lot about our house style here at Timothy Everest. While we do not let ourselves be pigeonholed by an easily identifiable set of stylistic tricks or one-size-fits-all details, we prefer to have a house ethos of collaboration and open-mindedness. 

New And Improved Washed Programme Tailoring

New And Improved Washed Programme Tailoring

It was well over a decade ago that we first launched our Washed Programme Tailoring here at TE, pioneering a fresh way to look at suiting separates for our modern client.

Every season since, we have offered this contemporary take on soft tailoring, in a range of seasonal colours and weights, our perennial best-selling choice able to adapt and mould to the customers needs giving unparalleled options and outfitting for any occasion. 

Work & Playboy: Sanders Shoes

While it has been an uncertain and precarious time for everyone of late, small signs of normalcy and progress keep popping up. We were particularly heartened to hear that our good friends at Sanders Shoes recently restarted production at their factory in Northamptonshire, the home of British shoemaking.


New Short Sleeved Shirts

Is it just us, or have there been more sunny days of late? As such it seems to be a perfect time to launch two new styles of summer shirting here at Timothy Everest. 

Summer Wines With Berry Bros & Rudd

Summer Wines With Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros & Rudd is one of the last remaining Grand Old Dames of London retail. Founded in 1698, its cavernous cellars occupy a mighty chunk of real estate in St James, and have hosted secret meetings for the exiled Napoleon III and supplied every monarch since George III with provisions and libation.

tailoring for spectre

Top Five: Ralph Fiennes

Like all James Bond fans, we took the news of the delayed release of No Time To Die rather hard. Of course we were as eager as anyone to pick up the plotline five years after Blofeld’s capture and Bond’s retirement from MI6, but we were even more excited to see the wardrobe we had worked on for Ralph Fiennes’s character M’s return to the big screen.

Washed Cords And The Truth: A Spotify Playlist

We really do miss our Redchurch Street and Bruton Place shops. The customers, the staff, the sights, the smells and above all the sounds. The music played in-store went a long way to creating an atmosphere cohesive to our brand and the ethos we wanted to convey to clients and colleagues alike. A sense of wellbeing and balance.

Trad Style In Exile

“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

– The Go-Between, L.P. Hartley (1953)

The Oxbridge / Young Fogey Revival of the 1980s seems to be in the full bloom of renaissance right now. The foppish pre-war collegiate look of Oxford Bags, tennis sweaters and boating stripes is having another moment with a younger crowd not born when Brideshead Revisited and Chariots Of Fire originally graced our screens with their cloisters and cricket bats in 1981.

Tamaki Niime Scarves at Timothy Everest

Tamaki Niime Scarves

Here at Timothy Everest we have been proudly stocking the scarves made by weaver Tamaki Niime since our Redchurch Street store opened many years ago. Ms Niime is a craftsperson in the Japanese tradition of Banshu-Ori, an ancient process of making cotton textiles in one continuous production cycle, using time-honoured techniques like Sakizome – a way of dyeing the yarn before weaving the cloth on vintage looms.

Take Five Virtual Exhibitionsandy-warhol-and-debbie-harry_original-1

Take Five: Virtual Exhibitions

Recently on the Digest, we caught up with curator and archivist Cyana Madsen to talk us through one of her favourite recent pre-lockdown exhibitions here in London. With all things cultural still up in the air the world over, many museums and galleries have pivoted their permanent collections and seasonal shows into online affairs, and we asked Cyana if she could get us up to speed with some of the more memorable ones


“Milk & Sugar”: Seasonal Seersucker Suiting

Seersucker: that pleasingly puckered, uniquely crimped cotton cloth is a firm favourite here at T.E.H.Q. Reminiscent of sunny days and summer functions, we rely on its light breezy texture and mild eccentricity to see us through the balmier months.

Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955-1989), Untitled, C, 1985

The Invisible Man:

We are currently missing a lot of things. Everything from meeting friends for coffee to half price Mondays at the cinema seems like a distant memory. Living in London, there’s nothing we miss more than the wealth of culture we used to take for granted. We asked curator and archivist Cyana Madsen to talk about one of her favourite recent exhibitions.

Back To Basics: Our new Drawstring Trousers

To our Greek and Roman forebears, the idea of wearing trousers was positively “barbaric”. Shodding ones legs was the sort of behaviour they frowned upon, a primitive practice indulged in by the horse riding so-called ‘savages’ of Asia Minor and certainly nothing that a ‘civilised’ man would be seen adhering to.

six of the best_talking with Axel Jansen

Six of the best

Here at Timothy Everest, we know a lot about tailoring. We can also wax lyrical about most kinds of music. We ain’t bad at cooking or mixing drinks either, truth be told. Outside of these subjects however, we like to consult with bona fide experts to get our knowledge straight from the source.


Working From Home

One of the new lines for our SS20 ‘Changing Landscapes’ collection is the Great British Washed Linen Work Jacket.

Proudly made in England, using a 238g, 100% linen from famed North Irish mill Baird McNutt. This is heavily tumbled after weaving, adding a soft, broken-in handle.

Paul Bowles

The American Paul Bowles (1910-1999) was a true polymath. A renowned composer, poet, photographer, translator, critic and prolific correspondent. Of course, he is primarily revered as an author, his works firmly set in the canon of modern greats. His first novel, 1949’s The Sheltering Sky, was later adapted for the big screen by Bernardo Bertolucci.

The Colour Of Spring: Wes Robinson on Timothy Everest’s Changing Landscapes

The Colour Of Spring

Wes Robinson is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and colour theorist. His talents in both pattern design and art direction much in demand from menswear and lifestyle brands.
We asked him to lend us some of his expertise giving us an interpretation of our SS20 collection “Changing Landscapes” in his own inimitable style.


The Linen Ticket

Alongside our new Fresco range of lightweight suiting for the SS20 ‘Changing Landscapes’ collection, we are pleased to unveil a new addition in the form of our Compact Linen suiting range.

In Bloom: A forager’s guide to floristry

In Bloom: A forager’s guide to floristry

Theo Goffe is a London-based florist who specialises in sustainable horticulture and arranging.
To bring a bit more nature in our lives, we asked his expert advice on how to improve our housebound environment now that the flower shops and garden centres are currently closed.

Timothy Everest The Bespoke Ledger_Photography by Adam Natt

The Bespoke Ledger

The making of a successful bespoke suit is a collaboration in the truest sense of the term. The happy marriage of the client’s ideas, the cutter’s suggestions and the tailor’s finesse.

Having been tickled pink with his previous commission, journalist & brand consultant Aleks Cvetkovic came back to us with an idea for a new whistle and we were all ears.

The Rake

We are proud to have our Sepia Compact Linen Double Breasted Blazer and pleated trousers featured in the latest edition of The Rake magazine, Issue 69.

Food For Thought - Adam Symonds on grub and hospitality

Food For Thought

Of all the industries close to our hearts, perhaps the one this current crisis has hit the hardest is the restaurant business. Here at Timothy Everest, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be within crawling distance of some of London’s best eateries.

Matt Hranek of WM Brown enjoying a tipple - Photo by Andreas Klow

Matt Hranek’s Manhattan

Mr Matt Hranek needs little introduction. The self-styled “street hustler”, journalist, photographer, Bon Viveur and publisher of WM Brown Magazine has been entertaining us greatly during this worldwide quarantine.

Navy Blue Cotton Linen Belted Coat

Cool Nights & Breezy Days: Our new Belted Coat

While a summer coat might seem like an oxymoron to some, here at Timothy Everest we have always considered it an essential piece of kit. No matter where you are in the world, at whatever time of year, the wind still blows and the temperature gauge drops.

Wrighty’s selects

We are incredibly honoured to have ex-England International, Arsenal & Crystal Palace legend, and Timothy Everest customer Mr Ian Wright MBE give us the low down on his picks for his spring 2020 wardrobe.

Safari So Good

Safari So Good

Timothy Everest’s refined take on the classic Safari Jacket somewhat belies its humble roots. Originally produced in olive drab cotton drill, the “Bush Shirt” was the practical tool Victorian explorers and soldiers wore in warm climes – loose fitting & belted with an inverted pleat and bellows pockets for storage.

Milad Abedi talks to Timothy Everest

Milad Abedi’s | Spring Selects

Stockholm based photographer Milad Abedi has been building a solid reputation as a menswear and lifestyle photographer for all the best brands and publications, and here at Timothy Everest, we have long been been admirers of his bold and colourful approach.

Match Point: The new Jersey Cuban Polo

It has been almost a century since Rene Lacoste walked on court for the French Open and revolutionised the way that the modern sportsman dresses for the game. That day the short sleeved cotton polo shirt became the benchmark for leisure and sporting pursuits.

Timothy Everest.SS20. Grey Cotton Linen Blend Cargo Pants

In The Pocket: The New Cargo Trouser

As these testing times continue, our aim to undertake a distracting exploration of Spring Summer 2020 styles takes us to the world of militaria.



This unexpected domestic encampment has taken all of us by shock, and the new lockdown regime has taken some adjusting to. Here at Timothy Everest, we have been putting our heads together to find ways to make the time pass a little easier.
Let’s be honest; despite our best intentions, we are not going to finally write that great novel, or even get around to painting the spare room. But what we can do is put our feet up for a little bit and have a read.
We have compiled a short list of some of our favourite periodicals to provide a little respite during these trying times.

Aleks's Spring Select

Aleks Cvetkovic | Spring Selects

We asked Handcut Radio’s presenter, brand consultant and voice of sartorial wisdom Aleks Cvetkovic to pick out a few of his new favourite pieces for us. Now well into its third season, the Handcut Radio podcast is carving out a reputation as an authoritative voice on menswear matters.

Changing Landscapes | SS20

Amid the challenging environment we all find ourselves currently, we are trying to keep some sense of normality and in this regard we present “Changing Landscapes”, our SS20 collection. This is a tribute to the fascinating patterns, colours and textures created in the natural world around us.

For the seasonal lookbook, we travelled to the seaside town of Rye in Kent where the wind and rain from the English Channel carve everchanging undulations in the tall sand dunes, lending a ruggedness to the handsome coastal resort.


Changing Landscapes | Spring / Summer 2020

For the new season’s ready-to-wear collection, we took inspiration from the world around us: in particular aerial landscapes, with an appreciation for the colours, patterns and textures created from the natural world.

The collection’s title, ‘Changing Landscapes’, comes from the ever-changing scenery we are surrounded by, which often goes unnoticed in our everyday lives.

Timothy Everest Tokyo Trunk Show

Tokyo Trunk Show

We are very pleased to announce our first Japanese trunk show of 2020, where our Brand and sales director Lee Rekert will be meeting made-to-measure & bespoke clients, and presenting our Spring Summer ready-to-wear collection.

Timothy Everest. Save the Date

Save the Date

Timothy Everest would like to extend an offer to help make the groom’s preparation as easy as possible.

For every made-to-measure suit ordered for the big day, we will include a made-to-measure shirt and ready-to-wear tie completely free of charge.


Spring At Timothy Everest

As the early product begins to materialise in-store and online, the team is getting our first look at the upcoming ready-to-wear product and a feel for the collection’s overall direction. Bright jersey knits are paired with wonderfully light Fresco suiting.

No Time to Die Ralph Fiennes

No Time to Die | Ralph Fiennes

We are positively giddy to be able to share the first publicity shot of Ralph Fiennes reprising his role as M in the eagerly awaited next chapter in the James Bond saga No Time To Die.

It’s The Most Difficult Time Of The Year: Christmas Gift solutions at Timothy Everest

For every problem there is an solution, and for those in search of seasonal presents for the men in their lives, Timothy Everest is on hand to dispense advice and gifts galore. 

At both our Redchurch Street and Bruton Place stores, you will find a comprehensive treasure trove of suitable ideas with everything from socks to ties, via pocket squares, incense packs, hats, scarves, candles and books from £15 and upwards.

Timothy Everest and The Crown Season 3

November 17th sees the much anticipated return of the Netflix award-winning series The Crown, with a brand new cast and men’s wardrobe courtesy of our fine team here at Timothy Everest. 

This Sporting Life: A Bespoke Sports Coat for Aleks

Friend of the brand and man-about-town Aleks Cvetkevic, recently commissioned our bespoke team to make him a very special sports coat. As a writer for The Rake and Robb Report and presenter of the Handcut Radio podcast, Aleks has developed an encyclopedic knowledge and passionate appreciation for menswear, displaying a savoir-faire and eye for detail firmly cast on the elegant and the uncommon.

Wrapping It Up: The new Double Breasted Coat

If there is one garment that best sums up the spirit of our Perfect Imperfection collection this season, it must be the Herringbone Double Breasted Coat.

A new addition to our ready-to-wear range, this long-fitting overcoat features double breasted fastenings with real horn buttons and generous lapels, welt pockets, a set-in sleeve & wrap belt.

Timothy Everest Online

Change The Flannel: The Hoxton shirt

Cotton Flannel is a perfect choice for winter shirting. Originating from the Welsh border towns in the 17th Century, Flannel is a woven material that is “napped’ and brushed on both sides for both a soft handle and expert heat retention.

Timothy-Everest_Ready to Wear_AW19_

On Land and Sea: Our new Cable Roll Neck

Our latest Autumn/Winter knitwear piece takes inspiration from the maritime communities here in the British Isles/Eire

Since time immemorial, coastal folk and islanders from Aran to Land’s End have used woollen garments as protection against the elements on the high seas.

An Unexpected Twist: Winter Seersucker

Here at Timothy Everest, we have always been big cheerleaders for seersucker. The uniquely puckered cloth has long been a staple of our spring/summer collections in a variety of cotton colours – checks, stripes, and solids all finding a home in our more casual RTW suiting options.

Winter Whites: New Timothy Everest x Full Count jeans

For a brand usually recognised for our tailored clothing, Timothy Everest also has a respected pedigree in the world of denim.

Having offered our exclusive Made In Japan bespoke denim service for many years, we launched our exclusive “0105” cut jeans designed with Okayama based indigo legends Full Count to become a go-to staple.

The Rake | Timothy Everest

The Rake | Stories

Read about our editorial feature on The Rake Online here.

Armed with History

Armed With History: Timothy Everest’s Raglan Mac

Like so many sartorial innovations, we owe the practicalities of the Raglan sleeve to our military history.

It was at the Battle Of Waterloo in 1815 where Lord FitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan suffered such damage to his right arm that medics were forced to amputate.

A Directors Cut: Square Mile Interview

Read about Timothy Everest in a recent interview with Rhys Thomas from Square Mile Magazine here.

Strike A Cord: Autumnal Washed Programme Tailoring

With the cool weather just around the corner, here at Timothy Everest we have taken delivery of our ever-popular Washed Programme tailoring options for AW19.

NYC Trunk Show | September 23rd – 26th

We will be returning to The Big Apple in September for our regular New York Trunk Show.

You are cordially invited to meet Fred & Lee at 11 Howard, SoHo, from September 23rd – 27th.

Timothy Everest Paprika Merino Wool Polo

Polo: The Shirt of Kings

Polo: the Shirt of Kings
The long-sleeved Polo shirt is one of the more versatile weapons in a gentleman’s armoury. It can perform as a shirt mixing with tailoring for a handsome casual look. Equally it can serve as a sweater layered over tees or a collared shirt for leisure-time.


Paraboot at Timothy Everest

We are very pleased to showcase our footwear range for Autumn Winter 2019 from our partners at Paraboot. 

The shoe company formed in the French Alps in 1907, the moniker coming later; a portmanteau of “Para”, The Brazilian port that shipped the gum rubber for the soles to the factory, and “Boot” a new-fangled word the Americans used for sturdy rubber footwear. 

Timothy Everest

Cuban Shirts: Not Just For Summer

Planning our collection for autumn / winter 2019, the design team here at Timothy Everest thought long and hard about a more informal and all-inclusive shirt that could sit centre-stage in the selection. We realised the answer was right under our noses.

Our Cuban Shirt, based on the loose fitting open collar Guayabera from South America has become a summer staple for us, but with a little twist and thinking, it has been transformed into the ideal centrepiece for our Perfect Imperfection drop.

Timothy Everest_Autumn / Winter 19 Lookbook | Perfect Imperfection_1.jpg

Autumn / Winter 19 Lookbook | Perfect Imperfection

For our Autumn Winter 19 collection, we took inspiration from the world of pottery and ceramics and in particular the work by the British studio potters Lucie Rie and Hans Coper.

Both potters were known for their modernist approach, bringing bright colours, natural textures and abstract form into their work; an experimental practise considered very ahead of their time.

Packing Light: Holiday Shirts on sale

Packing Light: Holiday Shirts on sale

Tailors Project: Peter Zecca

Timothy Everest | Tailors Project | Mr. Peter Zecca
It’s lunchtime in a small workshop up slim stairs off Kingly St in Soho. Just one room of many in a rabbit warren of workspaces filled with activity and the competing noise of radios and steam irons. 

Just The Flax, Jack: Our Linen Washed Programme Tailoring

There’s nothing more quintessentially English in the summertime than a linen suit. Whilst there is certainly warmer weather attire that could be considered more formal, linen in all its slubby, rumpled goodness just gives the wearer such a comfortable ease, its hard to imagine summer weddings and sports events without it.

The Long and Short of it

The Long and Short of it

It’s been a long winter over here, and we at Everest Towers were worried that the sun might never burst through the cloud cover. Finally all forecasters are predicting another bountiful long hot summer and fortunately we have the wardrobe to match. 

City Collar - Timothy Everest

City & Collar: Our new Mayfair Shirts

This season at Timothy Everest we have greatly expanded our formal Mayfair model shirt offering to include four different collar shapes. 

To compliment our popular spread collar, those looking for a little more variety can now add a semi-spread, a button-down and a rounded club collar to their wardrobes. 

Functionality & Elegance: A Closer Look At Troubadour Goods

We are very excited to have taken delivery of a new collection of bags and luggage from London based Troubadour Goods. 

Founded back in 2011, the company’s aim has been to fill a seemingly obvious gap in the market – an assemblage of bags and accessories that seemlessly blend elegance with functionality. As co-founder Samuel Bail told us, “We wanted to incorporate elements you’d find on mountaineering equipment onto something you can use with a bespoke suit.” 

Winning in Linen: Our new Redchurch Shirts

Winning in Linen: Our new Redchurch Shirts

Summer comfort doesn’t just have to be about lightweight fabrics. This season, we have chosen a cloth with a little more heft and drape for our popular button down Redchurch shirt, still offering the same summer ease and in an environmentally conscious biodegradable material to boot. 

Sea Green Linen Redchurch Shirt

Milk & Sugar: A closer look at our Seersucker Separates

For such a sensible cloth, Seersucker has received something of a bad rap over the years; all considerations of its positive contribution to men’s wardrobes smeared by stylish misgivings. In its most popular colour way of pale pastel stripes it’s just a little too ‘fun’ to be taken seriously by most chaps. This season, at Timothy Everest, we’re making it our business to right this sartorial wrong rep.

Ditch That Tie

Ditch That Tie: Open Collars at Timothy Everest

It was the long hot summer of ’17 when we first introduced our Cuban shirt here at Timothy Everest and it fast became one of our perennial must-have items.Taking its cues from the Latin American Guayabera shirts so beloved by tourists and locals alike, our Cubans borrow the loose fit, open collar, straight hem and lightweight breathable fabrics for an irresistibly modern take on a timeless classic.

Trunk Show | New York | 7th - 10th May

Trunk Show | New York | 7th – 10th May

We will be returning to The Big Apple in May for our regular New York Trunk Show.
You are cordially invited to meet Fred & Lee at 11 Howard, SoHo, from May 7th to the 10th.
Please email us here to make an appointment or for further inquiries.

Trunk Show | Oslo

Trunk Show | Oslo | 25th – 26th April 2019

This month, we shall be returning to the wonderful Nordic city of Oslo to meet bespoke and made-to-measure clients old and new.Lee and Tony will be based at The Radisson Blu Plaza, in Central Oslo on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th April. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact us here for more information.

Washed Programme Tailoring

Washed Programme Tailoring…A Closer Look

If there is one garment that exemplifies our ready-to-wear collection each season, it is our Washed Programme tailoring. It performs an almost superhuman sartorial feat; its special power an ability to unite the disparate parts of one’s wardrobe from smart to casual and all points in between. 


Knitwear for Spring

This summer sees the return of our Linen polo range at Timothy Everest. The warm weather companion to our Merino collection, we have amended the fit for a roomier, more relaxed feel that teams well with the soft slubby texture and light breathable weave.


MotherFatherSon: Tailoring for TV

Following on from the previous post about some of the recent film productions that we at Timothy Everest have assisted on, BBC2 are currently screening a brand new series which has been receiving a lot of attention.

Eagle-eyed small screen viewers have been treated to a full wardrobe of our Timothy Everest ready-to-wear and made-to-measur in the critically acclaimed drama MotherFatherSon, starring Richard Gere and Billy Howle in a searing study of power and loyalty.

The Wild and Wonderful World of Film & TV Costume

With our freshly presented Emmy framed and up on the wall, we thought it was time to cast an eye over some of the more eccentric costume creations we have been commissioned of late.

Emmy Award_The Crown

Emmy Award Winning Tailoring

We are cracking out the bubbly as we officially received our Emmy (Television Academy) Award for costume work on The Crown Season 2 ‘Dear Mrs. Kennedy’ episode.

In the hotly contested category “Outstanding Period Costumes 2017-2018” we helped beat out stiff competition from the likes of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Outlander, The Alienist and Genius: Picasso. We are extremely honoured to be acknowledged for the wonderful pieces for Jane Petrie and her incredible team on the show.

Timothy Everest - A Perpetual Season With Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine

A Perpetual Season with Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine

In a recent communique, we introduced the design inspiration for our current collection – the 2014 photo book A Perpetual Season from French photographer Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine.

Last week we caught up with Grégoire to delve a little closer into his influences and what makes him tick.

Jackal Aleks Cvetkovic

The Jackal, Aleks Cvetkovic visits Timothy Everest

The Jackal is a London-based lifestyle magazine, covering men’s style, watches, cars, culture and current affairs. Read about Aleks Cvetkovic’s talk to the in-house team about our twenty-first century approach to tailoring here.

Knitwear for Spring Summer

This season at Timothy Everest we have introduced a new style into our popular Spring Summer knitwear range. 

Inspired by the Italian-American leisure shirts of the 50s and 60s, we have developed the Merino Long sleeve Button Through. Knitted from a super soft fine gauge 100% merino wool, this is a refined sophisticated take on a classic piece. 

Alicia Vikander_Red Nose Day

Alicia Vikander for Red Nose Day

One of the surprise features for this year’s Comic Relief celebrations was a BBC short film entitled One Red Nose Day And A Wedding. Directed by Richard Curtis, the featurette reunited the cast of Four Weddings And Funeral 25 years after the original film with newcomers, the acclaimed actors Lily James and Alicia Vikander. 

Navy/Black Wool and Linen Mix Blouson

Introducing the Linen/Wool Blouson

This season at Timothy Everest we have added a new style to our collection in the form of the navy wool linen blouson.
Rethinking and reworking the classic workwear jacket; we wanted to add practicality and sustainability into its design. Working with the acclaimed Northern Irish weavers John England we have developed a material with the rugged good looks of denim, but with additional functionality.

Tailors Project: Chris the Coatmaker

“I started making jackets when I moved to England at 15 years old”, Chris the Coatmaker tells us, “Made for everyone. Prince Phillip, Roger Moore, Tom Jones; Ralph Lauren both personally and for his customers…The work we do now is exactly the same as the work we were doing before. The lining, linen, taping. Exactly the same way as I started learning the trade fifty five years ago” 

Timothy Everest SS19 -HOME

Spring Showers: The new Raglan raincoat from Timothy Everest

“Sweet April Showers do spring forth May Flowers” 
– Thomas Tusser, 1557
Here at Timothy Everest, we have just taken delivery of a brand new essential piece of British kit in the shape of our Raglan raincoat. 

Spring / Summer 19 Lookbook | A Perpetual Season

The inspiration for our Spring Summer 19 ready-to-wear collection comes from London-based photographer Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine’s 2014 book “A Perpetual Season”.  Colours of dark ochre, pistachio and desert red highlight the familiar earthy tones | Timothy Everest | Available Online and In-Store | SS19

Tailors Project

Timothy Everest – Tailors Project

The measurements, the pattern, the cloth, the chalk, the scissors, the needle & thread. And hundreds of years of combined toil and talent.
Over the coming months, we will be taking you on an insider’s look at some of the unique characters who make up the unseen members of our team and provide the backbone to Timothy Everest bespoke tailoring.

New York Trunk Show

NYC Trunk Show | 25th – 28th February 2019

  We’re pleased to announce we will be back in NYC for another trunk show; visiting clients old and new from February 25th to 28th We will be on hand to discuss your requirements out of our usual haunt at:   11 Howard | Soho | New York | NY 10013   Please contact us … Continued

Made to Measure Shirting

Made to Measure Shirting

The process begins with an appointment with one of our tailors to discuss your needs and the desired style of shirt that you wish to commission. Options begin at £175 and take 5 weeks to complete.

Beige Habilleur presents Timothy Everest

Beige Habilleur presents Timothy Everest

Hosted by our friends at Beige Habilleur, Fred and Tony from our team will be in store and on hand at 83 Rue Chardon Lagache next Thursday and Friday.

As well as explaining a little more about our history, heritage and process, we will have a selection of exclusive vintage cloths, alongside our vast array of fabric bunches from the best British and Italian mills. These cloths have been sourced from our journeys around Europe include heritage tweeds in rarely seen colour combinations and sumptuous cashmere checks.

Beyond Suiting – Tailored Suede

The Wonderful World Of Timothy Everest Bespoke:

The tailoring team here at Timothy Everest enjoy a challenge. We pride ourselves on our ability to give every custom order the care and attention it deserves and deliver the client a garment both unique and truly special. From time to time, our expertise is called on for some rather fascinating garments that go beyond the ordinary scope of tailor made suiting. To that end, a couple of long-standing customers recently requested that we turn our hands to making bespoke suede jackets.

Autumn Winter 2018: Shelter from the elements with our Tailored Parka

As the clocks go back and the afternoons darken, the temperature plummets as if from nowhere. The surprise of our long, hot summer gives way to the inevitability of the northerly winds and frosty mornings.
We are pleased to re-introduce our patented Tailored Parka; the ultimate antidote to winter’s bite. Recut and refined, the tailored parka offers a sartorially smarter take on the wardrobe staple.

Our new Corduroy Washed Programme Suiting

Despite its French-sounding name, Corduroy is a resolutely English cloth dating back to the 18th century and the beginning of the industrial revolution. In some parts of Europe, it still retains the name Manchester cloth; a reminder of its roots in “Cottonopolis”. Effectively a ridged velvet, corduroy is a hardy, yet soft fabric with a pedigree … Continued


This Sporting Life: A guide to the Sportcoat models at Timothy Everest

Here at Timothy Everest, we do not believe that Ready-To-Wear should mean that one style suits all; and our tailored casual range offers a lot of scope for different fits and patterns. To this end, we have three different models of Sportcoat this season to select from: THE HOXTON: An easy wearing two button jacket with a … Continued

Redefining the Peacoat at Timothy Everest

Redefining the Peacoat at Timothy Everest

The Peacoat has been a cornerstone of the gentleman’s wardrobe for over three centuries; changing very little in this time. Built for the hardiest of conditions, the peacoat made its way onto the boulevards of fashionable Paris via visiting mariners at a time when men were turning away from fanciful brocade and embellishment and embracing … Continued

The Orchard | Textures and layers for Autumn_1

The Orchard | Textures & layers for Autumn

In The Cherry Orchard, Paul Nash’s evocative painting of an English winter scene from 1917, the bare branches of fruit trees spring forth from the landscape. Neatly planted arboreal rows await the sunshine and warmth to bloom again. There’s comfort here despite the cold. For our Autumn / Winter W18 look book, we explored the same … Continued

the Mariner Brit

Introducing the Mariner Jacket

  This season we have developed some new additions to our outerwear range, and are excited to introduce our brand new Mariner Jacket. A nod to our nation’s seafaring history, the Mariner is proudly made here in the United Kingdom utilising exclusively British components. During the early 19th Century, sailors and fishermen were known to … Continued

Suit Made-to-Measure


  While style is indeed perennial and enduring, it does not mean that one should refrain from innovation and improvement. Here on the cutting table at Timothy Everest, we have spent the summer tweaking and seeking to develop our popular made-to-measure suit block. Head cutter Fred Nieddu took to the block with his chalk and shears, lending … Continued

New York Trunk Show

New York Trunk Show | September 24th – 27th

We’re pleased to announce we will be back in NYC for another Trunk show; visiting clients old and new from September 24th to 27th Lee and Fred will be on hand to discuss your needs out of our usual haunt at: 11 Howard | Soho | New York | NY 10013 Please contact here to arrange an appointment.  

Timothy Everest Autumn/Winter 2018

Autumn / Winter 18 Look Book | The Orchard

The Timothy Everest Autumn Winter 2018 Look Book is Available Now. All items in The Orchard AW 2018 Look Book are available to purchase online or in-store.

Timothy Everest Oslo Trunk Show

Oslo Trunk Show | September 10th – 11th

  Oslo | Sept. 10th – 11th | Trunk Show We are excited to announce another visit to Norway. Please contact us here to arrange an appointment for the upcoming trip. Lee and Tony will be on hand to assist with your bespoke and made to measure tailoring enquiries.

Timothy Everest_A Working Breakfast_

A Working Breakfast: Starting The Day The Shoreditch Way

  Starting The Day The Shoreditch Way St John Bread & Wine is an East London institution. Fergus Henderson opened his Spitalfields outpost back in 2003 on the site of a former bank opposite the market, and a brisk stroll from our home on Redchurch Street. It was a crisp morning when Fred, Lee and Tony took a quick constitutional down … Continued

A Staff Day Out To Regents Park

      London, like most of Europe, has been blessed with a scorching summer this year. While this means stifling tube journeys and daily reminders of us Brits’ fear of air conditioning, it has also made for plenty of opportunities to get out and about, visiting spots often ruined by summertime rainfall. Getting an … Continued